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The Best Fishing Spots in the Smokies


By: Bob Foster


ith nearly 700 miles of fish-able waters within the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, no matter what your species and stream, your rod and reel will feel tugs. The fish population moves around each year, so the type of fish you seek and when you come determines your prime fishing spot. 53 species of fish swim in the park waters, and brook and brown trout thrive here all year round. Here are five of the most recommended places to catch these fish and have an adventure in the great outdoors. 

1. The Little River: The ever-present throngs of locals and tourists make this the most popular fly-fishing spot in the park. The mountainous and forested scenery isn’t bad either and since the Little River is one of the largest streams in the Smokies, both roadside fishing and elevated fishing,after a couple miles of hiking the Little River Trail, are available. This river near Elkmont, Tennessee has some of the best angling for rainbow and brown trout. The prime fishing location is where The Little River meets the Fish Camp Prong. Surrounded by flowers, boulders, and waterfalls, both easy and challenging fishing areas run down the river.



Selecting Hunting Binoculars


By: John W. Brendemuehl


01. Price Range. 
The price range of between $200 and $500 seems to satisfy the majority of hunting enthusiasts. 

Binoculars costing less than $200 often are found to be lacking in at least one desired feature, while those with prices above $500 may not offer substantial additional features to justify the price increase. 

When considering binoculars costing less than $50, durability is suspect at best. Used constantly in outdoor settings one may suddenly find these inexpensive binoculars to no longer function properly. This category of binocular is probably best suited as a beginning model, or one for occasional general use. 

02. Magnification & Aperture. 
These are the two numbers associated with all binoculars. The first value (“8”) is the power of the binoculars.








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