Crooked Creek 9-foot Fishing Kayak Paddle

The Crooked Creek 9-foot Fishing Kayak Paddle is perfect for anglers who are looking for an affordable yet durable paddle that will last them a long time. With its lightweight construction and asymmetrical blades, this paddle is perfect for fishing in all types of conditions. The weedless line/lure retrieval slot makes it easy to get rid of any hooks or lures you may have snagged on the way in.

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  • The Crooked Creek 9foot Fishing Kayak Paddle is made of polyfiber composite material.
  • It has a dock hook blade cutout to help pull yourself over to the edge and reinforced blade tip to push off.
  • Weedless line/lure retrieval slot also helps easily remove stuck lures from logs and debris.
  • Fiberglass shaft with laser engraved measurement scale


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