Heavy Duty Kayak Rack with Ratchet Tie – Mount on Car Roof Top Crossbar

The MrHardware 2 Pair Heavy Duty Kayak Rack is perfect for carrying your kayak on top of your car. This rack includes four pairs of ratcheting tie-down mounts that make it easy to secure your kayak to the roof of your car. With its steel construction, this mount is built to last. It comes with a 10-foot long ratchet rope that allows you to easily tighten and loosen the mount.

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  • This product is a pair of heavy duty kayak racks that includes 4 pcs ratchet tie mount on car roof top crossbar.
  • The ratcheting tie mounts allow the user to adjust the tension of the mount.
  • The racks feature steel construction with an adjustable padding layer.
  • The connectors for both racks are also made of steel and include a 10 foot long ratchet rope.
  • This product is easy to install using the provided mounting hardware and two straps.


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  • Can Be Used For Multiple Kayaks
  • Multiple Rod Holders
  • Securely Carries Two 10 Ft Kayaks


  • May Not Fit All Models Of Kayaks