USAMYNA Bungee Dockline 4-5.5 Foot Floating Boat Accessories

The USAMYNA 4Pcs Bungee Dockline Dock line is perfect for those who need a reliable floating dock system that will stand up to the elements and provide years of use. This dock system features two foam floats that are easy to install and remove, and it comes with four pieces of ring and slider hardware that make connecting and disconnecting the dock simple. With its durable construction, this dock system will last for years.

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  • The product is applicable for use with ships, piers, hangers, etc.
  • It has a buffer design that protects the container from friction and slippage.
  • There are rings and sliders on both ends of the rope that allow it to be connected to the boat, dock or anchor.
  • The bungee is 4 feet long and has a breaking strength of 1800 pounds.
  • After sales service includes a full refund if the product doesn’t perform as expected.


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  • Easy To Install
  • Good Tug-Tail
  • Can Be Hung In Port Or Starboard
  • Good Rudder
  • Good Brakes And Sway Bars


  • May Not Fit Some Boats